Goodbye HTC

htcdesirebrokenAfter two great HTC phones ( HTC Touch and the HTC Desire Z), i must sadly say goodbye to my association with the HTC franchise. It may seem abrupt and unwarranted a decision, especially for those of you who have been following my posts, made only possible due to the HTC phone’s qualities.

So why the change? Well, you can thank Bell mobility for their sketchy insurance policy, Futurshop for an ignorant employee’s suggestion in buying an alternate battery charger, HTC for its spotless and superficial customer support and finally to planned obsolescence and consumerism. Oh and i’m a dupe, just like everybody else.

My assessment is honest and simple. We are clouded by channels of communication, companies and institutions which are crafted on a template of greed which promotes the necessity to purchase indefinitely and in total disregard to the effect on our world. Meanwhile, our resources are slowly diminishing and the public’s patience grows tired at the indifference of most company policies and lack of transparency.

Not only that, but the scavengers make a pretty penny off the abused consumer’s ego trapped in these dead-end situations. There is a underworld of scams and products being pushed onto the buyers who have been neglected and subject to the false promises of the industrial revolution.

All i want is for my phone to work. Cellphone in hand, i am promoting your product. Without a battery, i no longer can sell your public image. So, why in the world would you refuse to send a battery to a dedicated spokesperson? Why would you even push the insult further by suggesting a website which sells products you won’t even vouch for?

In any case, i must sadly say ‘Goodbye HTC’. It has been a long and pleasant run up until the end. The competitor has a great offer on the line. The phone looks great and hopefully it won’t break down until my next upgrade. No hard feelings. Lets just blame it on a lack of communication.

Eric Mailhot January 2013


One comment

  1. Sad, but true as an assessment goes. Planned obsolescence has been a standard of the cell phone industry for years now, Apple being one of the most blatant offenders. Considering that consumers are more exposed to eco-impacts than ever, it seems like the right vacuum for an enterprising company (provider or other) promoting either a recyclable phone or a fidelity program to their customers.

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