Oh gaming industry! What have you done with skateboarding?

I decided to produce this video back in 2010 when it occurred to me that some game creators didn’t have the slightest idea what skateboarding really is like. Shaun White Skate, although very cute, is just another attempt at cashing in on the ‘Skateboarding’ hype.

From what i remember sk8 needs to be dirty and gritty, similar to an old vhs tape that’s been played too many times. It seems that along the way, we’ve forgotten what skateboarding really meant growing up in the early 90’s.

It was with this mindset that i created the ‘Shaun White AMV’ in 2010. My intention was to dirty the video as much as possibly in order to go back to the roots and show that sk8 was just that: Dirty, broken and uncared for. So i ‘faked’ a Fisheye lense, i scratched the audio, added vhs tape shakes andrips. Notice the tape was recorded over by the screeching car tires from the game ‘Driver’? Even the Ubisoft corporate logo in the intro was transformed as though the game had been released way back when things meant something.

”I spend my time thinking about you, when i know, i should think less”. These words are featured in a song entitled ‘Whole lot less’ by the band SubSociety, an underground california punk band from the 80’s. The band had two songs featured on the now classic H-Street skate video ‘Hokus Pokus’. The emotions i get when i listen to the tracks from that awesome skate video are what i would have expected playing a sk8 video game. Sadly, i haven’t felt nothing since Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Oh well… getting old i guess…


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