Ericzone @ maison de pneus en Mauricie – Blackburn Podcast Recording

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eric1_earthshipNovember 29th 2014, we drove into St-Mathieu-du-Parc ‘eco-quartier at around noon. The ‘Maison de pneus en Mauricie’ stood there majestically under a cloudy sky. For weeks, we had wondered if our ‘Blackburn Podcast road trip weekend’ would be blessed with some good weather. I had even considered the possibility of last minute cancellation with dread. Nevertheless, we felt that we could not simply pass up the opportunity to visit one of Quebec’s very first earthship and to talk with its owner, Benoît Deschamps.

I always knew that the Blackburn Podcast would inevitably lead to some interesting opportunities and new experiences. And so, when we were graciously invited by Benoît Deschamps to come and visit his earthship, it truly felt that this was one of those unforgettable moments in the making. Not only was this the first road trip for the Blackburn Podcast team, but there was also a personal reason which fueled my excitement for the coming weekend. Read more about my interest in Earthship homes on a blog i created a few years ago entitle ‘Maison Stella’.

Benoît Deschamps’ house, although not yet completed, looked wonderful and truly awe inspiring. It is one thing to watch earthship constructions on Youtube, but it is a whole other reality to actually set foot in these spacious and sturdy habitats. Kudos to Michael Reynolds, his vision and his mighty architecture.

We filmed the interview between Blackburn and Deschamps at the center of the greenhouse section. The ceiling rose above us at least 20 feet high at the end of those tall windows. The clouds had followed us to the earthship and from the producer’s standpoint, i was devastated at the prospect of there not being any sun for the interview. Even as i filmed some exterior footage, the light snow fell as if to confirm this day would not show any remorse. Yet, as the cameras began to roll and the first words started being thrown, here came the sun.

Eric Mailhot, Benoît Deschamps, Pierre Blackburn & Dan Smith - Blackburn Podcast 29 novembre 2014 - Photo: Brigitte Blais

Eric Mailhot, Benoît Deschamps, Pierre Blackburn & Dan Smith – Blackburn Podcast 29 novembre 2014 – Photo: Brigitte Blais

Good interviews often feel as though time stands still. On this particular occasion, with the bright warmth seeping through the large windows, it especially felt pleasant to disregard time. I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to actually live in this house. I could tell Pierre appreciated the discussion and the comfortable setting. Although he later admitted to feeling slightly fatigued from the car ride as he entered into the recorded conversation with Benoît Deschamps, it was my impression that Pierre Blackburn nailed yet another interview.

In the end, everything had gone quite well for everybody present on this amazing day. Turns out that we were blessed with a glorious weekend and i now find myself looking forward to the next opportunity for some production work on the road. I also can’t wait for post-production on this project and to edit the footage.

Feel free to go and have a look at more photos from the Earthship recording  in my Flickr album. Thank you to Dan Smith, audio tech specialist, for driving all the way from Montreal. Much thanks for the hospitality of our guest, Benoît Deschamps. It was a privilege to set foot in your magnificent home. Much thanks to Pierre Blackburn for being an outstanding host. As always, visit my online portfolio at and visit my professional Facebook page and click like in order to keep in touch.


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