ericzone-logo-avatarEriczone is the signature to a variety of projects related to the film, music, arts and multimedia. Services include video editing, audio production, brand identity and graphic design. Ericzone also find strength in collaboration and thrives on projects that instigate positive social change. For further information, please visit to learn about these projects.

Ericzone est la signature d’une variété de projets en lien avec le domaine du film, musique, les arts et le multimédia. Les services disponibles sont le montage vidéo, la production audio, la conception d’image de marque et l’infographie. Ericzone acquiert son expérience dans la collaboration et trouve sa force lors de projets qui proposent le changement social positif. Pour plus d’informations, veuillez visiter pour en apprendre davantage sur ces projets.


Video productions and film editing – It is a fulfilling sensation to be able to understand the client and to give at his disposal methods that allow for him to improve on his vision. Have a look at the highlight video playlist of past projects. Either for short documentaries, corporate or music videos, ericzone is proud to have contributed to a great many projects.



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