eric-iconMy capacity to express myself through art permeates my career and multimedia work on different levels. For example, illustration comes in handy in professional situations, when asked to design storyboards and logos in preproduction. Love for graphics design has enabled me to define myself as a concept artist and to readily create visual assets for any production. Being a musician opened the door to a 2014 diploma in audio techniques and to apply this knowledge for the postproduction of video editing projects and podcast.

painter-artist1At the core of my artistic endeavor, there is undoubtedly 2D illustration. Having been encouraged to draw at characters a young age has taken me a long way. It became a lifelong hobby that helped to get through high school and to define myself as an adult. Drawing allowed me to find focus. I call it my ‘zen’ moment of meditation. Not only has it given me the ability to process emotions, but it has also given me the ability to put ideas to paper. I’ve always been fascinated by classic renaissance art, comic book characters and contemporary conceptual video game art. Visit my instagram page to see the latest drawings.

The art form of painting is an essential exercise. It enables me to further understand the fundamental notions of visual esthetics (composition, perspective, form, texture, clair-obscur and colors) and to apply these professionally. My latest works include Lac Mégantic, Colleagues, Awake, Jean-Charles Bedard, Lavender Field and the Blue House.

With over 20 years of experience using photoshop, it was inevitable that i would become dexterous with Wacom tablets and to develop my art using mixed media. Creating video game screenshot art at Ubisoft Montreal triggered an appreciation for composite design imagery (using photography, 3DSMax components and 2D art). Video editing combined with drawing and my love of storytelling brought me to develop elaborate storyboard videos. Most notable and infamous example of  storyboard video is the Sandwraith video game concept. 


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