Graphics design

Graphic design and visual arts

A strong background in visual arts and years of experience with photoshop have allowed me to do creative work for names such as Ubisoft and SiliCycle. It is always quite thrilling to conceive lasting images for clients such as La Vapoterie, creating logos, and promotional posters to help with social media marketing campaigns. As marketing artist, i have been privileged to conceive many different types of promotional images such as publication covers screenshot art, composite images and a wide variety of corporate content. Color correction and photo editing are only a few of the many services i am happy to have contributed to the many projects i have worked on.

Past and present projects

SiliCycle infomercial video (2016)
I was mandated to create a corporate video that would enable SiliCycle to showcase its wide range of products during the Analytica 2016 conference in Germany. The result is a 40 minute video which also showcases my various professional abilities Read more —

Royal Society of Chemistry publication cover (2016)
I was asked to create the cover of the June 2016 journal published by the RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) in collaboration with Valerica Pandarus, lead researcher for SiliaCat technology development at SiliCycle.
Read more —

SiliCycle 2017 Calendar (2016)

I was offered a great opportunity to work on graphic design for a dozen high resolution images to be included in the 2017 calendar for SiliCycle, a company based in Quebec city.

drum-family-ericzone Eric Mailhot marketing SiliCycle

Promotional image created for SiliCycle’s 2017 calendar. Eric Mailhot 2016

Conception graphique et arts visuels

Un long parcours en arts visuel et des années d’expérience avec photoshop m’ont permis de travailler pour des entreprises telles que Ubisoft et SiliCycle. Il est très inspirant de produire des images pour des clients comme La Vapoterie, de créer des logos et bannières promotionnelles et de contribuer à des campagnes de marketing dans les médias sociaux. Comme artiste marketing, j’ai eu le privilège de concevoir une grande variété d’images promotionelles comme la couverture de publication, screenshots, images composites et du contenu corporatif. La correction couleur et l’édition de photos ne sont que quelques-uns des services que je suis en mesure d’apporter aux projets pour lesquels je contribue.

Vapoterie 2014 Alain Blais Eric Mailhot marketing logo design

La Vapoterie official logo created by Eric Mailhot in 2014



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