Graphic design

Graphic design and visual arts

A strong background in visual arts and years of experience with photoshop gave me the opportunity to work for names such as Ubisoft, SiliCycle and La Vapoterie. Graphic design has benefited my work as a video editor or when creating layouts in PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign. My fascination with branding allowed me to create logospromotional posters and to help with social media marketing campaigns for various projects. As a marketing artist, I am privileged to have worked on publication covers screenshot art, composite images and corporate video. Complementary to my graphic design work and video editing, colour correction and photo editing are complementary services i am able to offer.

Past and present projects


Royal Society of Chemistry publication cover (2016)
I was asked to create the cover of the June 2016 journal published by the RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) in collaboration with Valerica Pandarus, lead researcher for SiliaCat technology development at SiliCycle.
Read more —

drum-family-ericzone Eric Mailhot marketing SiliCycle

Promo Image SiliCycle’s 2017 calendar by

SiliCycle Calendars
I was offered a great opportunity to work on graphic design for a dozen high resolution images to be included in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 calendars for SiliCycle, a company based in Quebec city. Read more —

Graphic created for SiliCycle in 2018 by Eric Mailhot


Immune graphic by http://www.ericzone


Vapoterie 2014 Alain Blais Eric Mailhot marketing logo design

La Vapoterie official logo created by Eric Mailhot in 2014


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