Audiovisual projects include

Ericzone Podcast (2017) Ericzone Podcast is a stimulating web series that enriches social dialog. Eric Mailhot welcomes a variety of interesting people to discuss culture, history, society and the issues of our time. Read more —

GENI (2017) Ericzone took charge of filming as well as post-production (video editing and audio mixing) for this very interesting project set forth by entrepreneur François Arcand. Read more —

SiliCycle infomercial video (2016)
I was mandated to create a corporate video that would enable SiliCycle to showcase its wide range of products during the Analytica 2016 conference in Germany. The result is a 40 minute video which also showcases my various professional abilities Read more —

Blackburn Podcast (2014) The Blackburn Podcast is a socially engaged francophone web show. Its objective is to promote social change and progressive ideas through discussions which showcase individuals and their contribution to the positive changes of our society. Read more —

Vinyl Erosion (2013) It was an uplifting experience to leave my guitar behind and to take the helm as producer and mix engineer for Vinyl Erosion’s debut album, the 3 song EP entitled ‘Mighty’. My years of experience in band situations and my background in marketing became very useful in order to bring the project to completion and to promote it. Read more —


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