Preproduction at Studio Open House – June 5th 2015

eric-profile-5-juin-2015-studio-open-house-ericzoneJune 5th 2015 was a great day for filming and recording at Studio open house. Located nearby the river, the studio has a very ‘homey’ feel to it, for a reason i can’t seem to put my finger on. In any case, this quaint mood sets the professional tone for any and all recording situations. And so, I arrived bright and early with a smile in my face, very inspired by the day at the Studio. As always, it is a pleasure to work alongside Dan Smith. In the past we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on the Blackburn Podcast, a web show i created and produce with the help of Chantal Paquin. At this point i should probably mention that two episodes of the Blackburn Podcast were, in fact, recorded at Studio Open House before it had even been baptized.

This time around, Studio Open House gave a warm welcome to Steeve Bilodeau, Montreal guitarist and guitar teacher, for a bit of preproduction work. Without revealing too much information, let’s just say that Steeve has a few great songs he would like to film and record. He couldn’t have chosen a better group of people to have his back on this project.

The session ran quite smoothly and absolutely without any hiccups. I even have pics on my HTC ONE and stills from the film camera for your viewing pleasure! I especially like the great iPhone photo taken from the other side of the studio window by Studio Open House owner, Caroline Mailhot.

Feel free to go and have a look at more photos of preproduction with Steeve Bilodeau on my Flicker page. Thank you to Caroline Mailhot and Dan Smith. Special thanks to Steeve Bilodeau for playing that Pink Floyd song which is still stuck in my head. For more information on Studio Open House, visit their Facebook page or their official website. As always, visit my online portfolio at and visit my professional Facebook page and click like in order to keep in touch.

steeve bilodeau - photo eric mailhot

Steeve Bilodeau rehearsing at Studio Open House – Photo by Eric Mailhot