Pittcon Article and SiliCycle video interview by Ericzone

Eric Mailhot pittcon-interview-thumbI have a question for you. Is it possible to write and article about writing an article? I’m sure It must have been done already, but I’m just not certain that I should. I mean, how self-centered does one have to be in order to go ahead with that kind of crazy idea? The reason why I’m asking you this is because early March 2019, I had the opportunity to film and to conduct an interview with Adrian Villanueva, commercial representative for SiliCycle in Latin America. The purpose of the video interview, aside from creating some original marketing content for SiliCycle, was to accompany an article which i also took upon myself to write. And so, I guess you now see my conundrum. Should I write an blog about writing an article? I’m still not convinced that I should. But, since you’ve gotten this far in reading this post, I guess that I should keep writing and tell you more.

The interviews

This multimedia publication had the objective of promoting SiliCycle‘s presence at Pittcon 2019 in Philadelphia and to also promote the expo itself. For that purpose, I was referred to a contact at Pittcon by Geneviève Gingras, head of marketing at SiliCycle. Kimberley Palastro, marketing coordinator at Pittcon  was very kind to look into our questions and to send me the responses given by her people. Along with Adrian Villanueva’s video interview, those answers became the backbone of the article. They also added a fascinating look into the history of the annual Pittcon conferences which, by the way, have been held since February 1950!

Adrian Villanueva, for someone who says that he doesn’t particularly enjoy being in front of the camera, really looked natural and seems content with the outcome of the interview. I’ve always been a proponent of using audiovisual mediums as tools to better understand oneself, both inwards and the outward shell. For example, I’ve always seen the Ericzone Podcast (a mostly french web show that i host) as a mirror to better see myself. Each podcast episode enables me to pinpoint my mistakes and to figure out what I need to do to get better at expressing myself. Truthfully, I didn’t like my own voice in this latest interview. Taking notes!

About the video equipment

SiliCycle marketing department has this great Nikon D7100 which I’m only now starting to truly appreciate. Without getting into too much technical stuff, the camera is well appreciated in the audiovisual community and does quite well for any occasion. For the audio recording part, a Senheiser e835 microphone was used, onto which a SiliCycle mic flag was added. A few feet away at the end of the xlr cable, a Zoom H5 gave me a quality recording for the interview.

Salutations to Kimberley Palastro at Pittcon and to the other collaborators in the article. Thank you Adrian Villanueva for participating in the interview. Thanks to my colleagues Gabrielle, Geneviève, Mathieu and Valerie for their helping hand. I invite you to take a look at the article on SiliCycle’s website and to watch the interview video on their YouTube page. For more about SiliCycle, visit their Facebook page or their website. For more information about Pittcon, here’s a link to his website. As always, I invite you to consult my portfolio at and to visit my Facebook page. Don’t forget to click like. You can also find me on YouTube. Have you sent me a contact request on Linkedin?



François Arcand: Le générateur d’initiatives

eric-mailhot-ericzone-quebecAu cours du mois de janvier 2017, suite à l’invitation de l’entrepreneur François Arcand (in silica technologies chez SiliCycle), j’ai participé à la réalisation d’une vidéo visant à promouvoir un projet novateur baptisé Géni (générateur d’initiatives). La plateforme a pour mission « de générer des initiatives autonomes qui satisfont un besoin sociétal déterminé par un représentant de la société, cela en canalisant des idées, des gens et des ressources financières existantes.». Afin d’en savoir plus, je vous propose de visiter la page web ou de cliquer «J’aime» sur la page Facebook de Géni .

Un autre tournage agréable

Malgré un froid de fin de soirée en plein creux d’hiver Québécois, l’inspiration professionnelle fût vite réchauffée par l’entourage qui s’est activé sur le plateau de tournage. Je suis content d’avoir eu l’opportunité de travailler, pour une première fois, avec le photographe Emilien Perron. La qualité de son travail et les images captées par sa caméra Pentax K-1 contribuèrent grandement à l’esthétique de la vidéo. Prenant charge de la seconde caméra et de la captation audio lors du tournage, j’ai par la suite travaillé au montage vidéo ainsi qu’au mixage sonore.

Mis à part mon expertise en montage vidéo et conception graphique, mon expérience en réalisation audiovisuelle fût de grande utilité pendant ce projet. Au cours de ma carrière, j’ai eu l’occasion d’en apprendre beaucoup, notamment avec le producteur et réalisateur Pierre Blackburn (jetez un coup d’oeil à ce vidéo-clip «rock» que j’ai édité et qui a été réalisé par Blackburn Productions). Par la suite, j’en ai appris davantage, jouant le producteur-réalisateur sur le «Blackburn Podcast». Plus récemment, mon emploi en marketing pour la compagnie Québécoise SiliCycle m’a offert l’occasion unique de travailler sur la réalisation de vidéos corporative.

Mon tout dernier projet en réalisation est une émission web que j’anime; Le «Ericzone Podcast».

En terminant, je tiens à remercier Jacinthe pour son accueil et hospitalité. Je tiens aussi à mentionner le travail du designer graphique, Vincent Pelletier, l’artiste derrière les illustrations dans la vidéo. Comme toujours, je vous invite à consulter mon portfolio sur et à visiter ma page Facebook. N’oubliez pas d’y cliquer j’aime. Vous pouvez également me trouver sur YouTube. Ericzone est sur Instagram. M’avez-vous envoyé une demande de connexion via LinkedIn?

SiliCycle @ Analytica 2016: Corporate video production by

Cliquez ici pour l’article en français

eric_video_silicycleTime flies! A year has already come and gone since I began work at SiliCycle’s marketing department in Quebec city! You might have guessed by the lack of regular publication on my blog that I’ve been a very busy video editor/graphic designer (add photography, audiovisual production, audio mixing, branding and social media to the mix). Indeed, not only have I been blessed by my every day entourage, but also spoiled by a long list of inspiring multimedia projects. Ideally, I would have had the time to publish a blog to accompany each completed assignment worthy of mention. Sadly, this was not the case.

Among all of the past projects I collaborated on, the first one was possibly the most important. And so, here’s a quick look at the production of a 30 minute corporate video which was used as a promotional tool during Analytica 2016 conference, in which SiliCycle participated in May 2016.

Analytica 2016

Quick overview: Analytica is a major international convention in the field of laboratory technologies. For the 2016 edition of the event, which took place in Germany, SiliCycle had a great corporate booth, designed by Mathieu Bertrand and Geneviève Gingras‘ marketing team. In addition to being represented on-site by SiliCycle‘s president, Hugo St-Laurent, the company also had to be equipped with impeccable video support.

Hit the ground running

It is in this context that I was mandated to create a corporate video that would enable SiliCycle to showcase its wide range of products as well as its many departments. Always inspired by great challenges and confident in my abilities as video producer/graphic designer, I embarked on this project with enthusiasm. On a personal note, the delivery of this mandate appropriately coincided with the end of my three-month probation. It was therefore imperative that I deliver the goods on time.

Several film shoots

The film shoots went very well. At the risk of offending the more timid (especially myself), I rushed in my shooting schedule (slightly improvised), with my equipment on my shoulder (Nikon D7100 and Canon HFG20) and my creative spirit in full hilt.

In hindsight, I realize that this first project was ideal for me as a new employee. In effect, it enabled me to familiarize myself with SiliCycle’s products, but it was also the perfect excuse to meet the people and to visit the different departments.

I worked on this major project for several weeks, always encouraged by the support and constructive feedback of my colleagues in the marketing department. A great many thanks to my colleagues for establishing the content structure and for writing the texts (Aurélie, Geneviève and Valérie). I have a lot of good memories of filming in the laboratories with Valerica Pandarus (SiliaCat technology), Simon Bédard and Denis Boudriau. Filming with Marcel Plante, in the shipping department, also revealed some beautiful sequences during the loading of a delivery truck. In sum, this project brought me hours of creative satisfaction, while I got acquainted with great people in a positive ecosystem of professionals.


Despite the fact that I somewhat under-estimated video encoding time, the project was delivered within the deadlines. In retrospect, I am very satisfied with the final product. This task allowed me to not only distinguish myself as an audiovisual specialist, but also to apply my knowledge in graphic design and branding. During the week of the conference, we were happy to receive by e-mail, pictures taken during Analytica 2016 . Our colleagues on-site were inspired by the positive reaction of visitors at the SiliCycle booth. From feedback i received afterwards, it seems that the video presentation was also greatly appreciated. Mission accomplished.


I am proud to say that this video now spearheads SiliCycle’s YouTube page. In the inevitable event that it should be replaced, here is an alternative link to the 30 minute video. I am very satisfied with the result and the infomercial look of the video. It efficiently showcases SiliCycle’s product range as well as the company identity and its employees. I had a great experience and I graciously thank everybody who participated and welcomed me in a friendly way.

I invite you to take a look at the photos of the event on SiliCycle’s web site. There are a few images of the shooting in my photo album on Flickr. For more information about SiliCycle, visit their Facebook page or their web site. As always, I invite you to consult my portfolio and to visit my Facebook page. Don’t forget to click like. You can also find me on YouTube. Have you sent me a contact request on Linkedin?

Free Kitties campaign interview featuring Elijah Renard – Produced by

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eric_wordpress_freekittiesOn Friday, December the 12th 2014, i took my cameras, lighting gear and zoom digital recorder and i headed to my friend Elijah’s place in order to give him a helping hand with a very important project of his. Elijah Renard, a trans-masculine person, currently has a campaign set-up on Indiegogo in order to help him get funding for a very important chest reconstruction surgery. Please have a look at the ‘Free Kitties’ page and support his campaign by donating today!

The idea of filming the interview with Elijah and editing the video for the Free Kitties campaign got me very enthusiastic. This sort of project is exactly the kind of socially-conscious project i truly enjoy working on. I feel strongly about the importance of differences in people and culture making a positive difference in our society.  And so, when the opportunity came up to promote these values, i immediately felt compelled to help Elijah out by offering my time and talents as a video editor and marketing artist.

In retrospect, i had a great time creating what would turn out to be a three part interview. The filming took place on a Friday evening and the following Saturday afternoon. The first part of shooting involved a few hours of interview with Elijah as he relaxed on his sofa, telling his story, with the occasional interruption by the cats roaming the apartment or by a very quiet and patient roommate.

Coffee, camera and donut at Café Odessa on Beaubien street in Montreal

Coffee, camera and donut at Café Odessa on Beaubien street in Montreal

The second day, we met at Café Odessa on Beaubien street in Montreal. We had originally intended to meet at the restaurant next door for a late breakfast, but there was such a big crowd, that we decided on coffee and donut instead. I was happy with the visuals i got from the weekend, although it was a bit cloudy and this red head kept walking by with her bicycle to get in my shots.

Post Production went by relatively smoothly. Initially, i had complemented the visuals with some dramatic intro music that i had composed a few weeks back. Regrettably, the music just didn’t work with Elijah’s pixel art which conveyed a much more positive and light hearted impression. Thankfully, i quickly came across the SoundCloud page of Eric Skiff, 8-bit music composer. I really liked the song entitled ‘Underclocked’ and went with it. Have a listen on his page!

Watch Episode 1 right now on vimeo! Don’t forget to activate the ‘CC’ at the bottom right if you want to see the english subtitles. Feel free to go and have a  look at the photos from the weekend shoot in my Flickr album. If you wish to pledge your support to Elijah Renard’s Free Kitties campaign, please go visit his Indiegogo page today! As always, visit my online portfolio at and visit my professional Facebook page and click like in order to keep in touch.

Montreal band Angle of Attack ‘Live my way’ music video – Blackburn Productions &

From time to time in the life of a marketing artist, comes those great unexpected projects. These professional collaborations break from the often repetitive work load and allow for one to evolve onto the next level. My association with Pierre Blackburn (blackburn productions) on the Angle of Attack music video ‘Live my Way’, is the perfect example of such an uplifting project. Produced in late March and early April, the music video has finally been published on youtube by the band. I invite you to have a look and to read up on past posts about the project if you want to learn more about the creative process. As always, i invite you to visit and to ‘like’ me on my official Facebook page.


Il arrive de temps en temps dans la vie d’un artiste marketing, ces inspirants projets inattendus. Ces collaborations professionnelles permettant de briser de la routine et donnent cette opportunité unique de passer au prochain niveau. Mon association avec Pierre Blackburn (Blackburn Productions) sur le vidéo-clip ‘Live my Way’ du groupe Montréalais Angle of Attack est un parfait exemple de ce genre de projet. Réalisé à la fin mars et le début du mois d’avril 2014, le clip est enfin disponible sur youtube et je vous invite donc à y jeter un coup d’oeil ainsi que de lire les anciennes publications liées à ce projet. Visitez et ma page facebook officielle.