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ericthumbOne might think that the only important quality for a successful graphic designer is an in depth understanding of visual arts. Although indispensable, I feel as though I never would have established myself without another crucial attribute. The ability to listen is an essential skill while working with client requests. This especially rings true when I look back on a stimulating mandate I had the opportunity to work on in May of 2016.

Three months into my contract at SiliCycle, I was asked by Geneviève Gingras (head of marketing) to create the cover of the June 2016 journal published by the RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry). Immediately intrigued, I set events in motion and inquired as to what the research paper pertained to.

The featured article is a collaborative effort which aims to showcase current advances being made with SiliaCat technology in the field of organic chemistry. It is written by François Béland (Vice president of R&D at SiliCycle) and Valerica Pandarus (Organometallic synthesis researcher at SiliCycle) in collaboration with Rosaria Ciriminna and Mario Pagliaro (Group leader at Italy’s research council). The latter holds his Canadian counterparts in high regard and refers to them as, ”eminent researchers and gifted colleagues,” and goes on to say that they, ”live and work in a splendid country with which we are honored to cooperate.”

catalysis-science-technology-siliacatIt was in this positive atmosphere of mutual professional respect that I began my work on the RSC cover. As with all assignments given to me in the context of my work at SiliCycle, I’ve been fortunate to count on the support and participation of highly competent individuals (look into these past projects: Analytica 2016 corporate video or SiliCycle homage videos). On this particular occasion, I had the chance to collaborate with Valerica Pandarus, lead researcher for SiliaCat technology development at SiliCycle.

Looking back on early drafts of the cover, I realize how much my ability to pay attention actually pays off in the end. Careful diplomacy becomes absolutely necessary when it comes to creative collaboration. The result of my work on this mandate is proof of this fact. That being said, I can’t take full credit. It was an enlightening experience to  work with Valerica Pandarus on the cover concept. Not only did she have a clear vision of what she had in mind, but she was also very open to my suggestions. I was happy to lend my abilities as graphic designer in order to visually express our chemistry of ideas (pun intended).


Valerica Pandarus, M. SC. Organometallic Synthesis Researcher. She is seen here in the process of safe hydrogenation using SiliaCat Pd0 at SiliCycle.

Back in March of 2008, my first published work was screenshot art for Ubisoft that had found its way into the Playstation magazine. I still remember how cool that experience was. I am proud to say that the RSC collaboration is my first cover design. Many thanks to Valerica Pandarus for her contribution, feedback and inspiring suggestions throughout the project. Thank you Mario Pagliaro for taking the time to write and to connect via twitter. As always, thanks to Geneviève Gingras for yet another great project.

I invite you to take a look at the article on SiliCycle’s website (you can download the PDF). For more about SiliCycle, visit their Facebook page or their website. For more information about Mario Pagliaro, one of Italy’s most cited scientists in nanotechnology and materials science, here’s a link to his website. As always, I invite you to consult my portfolio at and to visit my Facebook page. Don’t forget to click like. You can also find me on YouTube. Have you sent me a contact request on Linkedin?

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