Pittcon Article and SiliCycle video interview by Ericzone

Eric Mailhot pittcon-interview-thumbI have a question for you. Is it possible to write and article about writing an article? I’m sure It must have been done already, but I’m just not certain that I should. I mean, how self-centered does one have to be in order to go ahead with that kind of crazy idea? The reason why I’m asking you this is because early March 2019, I had the opportunity to film and to conduct an interview with Adrian Villanueva, commercial representative for SiliCycle in Latin America. The purpose of the video interview, aside from creating some original marketing content for SiliCycle, was to accompany an article which i also took upon myself to write. And so, I guess you now see my conundrum. Should I write an blog about writing an article? I’m still not convinced that I should. But, since you’ve gotten this far in reading this post, I guess that I should keep writing and tell you more.

The interviews

This multimedia publication had the objective of promoting SiliCycle‘s presence at Pittcon 2019 in Philadelphia and to also promote the expo itself. For that purpose, I was referred to a contact at Pittcon by Geneviève Gingras, head of marketing at SiliCycle. Kimberley Palastro, marketing coordinator at Pittcon  was very kind to look into our questions and to send me the responses given by her people. Along with Adrian Villanueva’s video interview, those answers became the backbone of the article. They also added a fascinating look into the history of the annual Pittcon conferences which, by the way, have been held since February 1950!

Adrian Villanueva, for someone who says that he doesn’t particularly enjoy being in front of the camera, really looked natural and seems content with the outcome of the interview. I’ve always been a proponent of using audiovisual mediums as tools to better understand oneself, both inwards and the outward shell. For example, I’ve always seen the Ericzone Podcast (a mostly french web show that i host) as a mirror to better see myself. Each podcast episode enables me to pinpoint my mistakes and to figure out what I need to do to get better at expressing myself. Truthfully, I didn’t like my own voice in this latest interview. Taking notes!

About the video equipment

SiliCycle marketing department has this great Nikon D7100 which I’m only now starting to truly appreciate. Without getting into too much technical stuff, the camera is well appreciated in the audiovisual community and does quite well for any occasion. For the audio recording part, a Senheiser e835 microphone was used, onto which a SiliCycle mic flag was added. A few feet away at the end of the xlr cable, a Zoom H5 gave me a quality recording for the interview.

Salutations to Kimberley Palastro at Pittcon and to the other collaborators in the article. Thank you Adrian Villanueva for participating in the interview. Thanks to my colleagues Gabrielle, Geneviève, Mathieu and Valerie for their helping hand. I invite you to take a look at the article on SiliCycle’s website and to watch the interview video on their YouTube page. For more about SiliCycle, visit their Facebook page or their website. For more information about Pittcon, here’s a link to his website. As always, I invite you to consult my portfolio at and to visit my Facebook page. Don’t forget to click like. You can also find me on YouTube. Have you sent me a contact request on Linkedin?


Ericzone Podcast: Creation of discussions

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eric mailhot ericpodcast-avatarIn April of 2017, i began a new chapter in my audiovisual story. Following my move to Quebec City in March of 2016, it became clear to me that it would be much too complicated to keep up the work on the Blackburn Podcast in Montreal. Once this realization had sunk in, I decided nevertheless to push things forward and to further invest time and resources in the creation of original web content. And so, with patience and the encouraging words from people around me (whom I thank wholeheartedly), I succeeded in putting together a second web show project. Similar to the francophone Blackburn Podcast with its journalistic appeal, i felt it would be logical that i would simply call this new bilingual show the ”Ericzone Podcast.

Far from me wanting to reinvent myself as a web show host, my true purpose in this case (aside from taming the technical aspect of things) is to be more efficient as a producer. Not only does this latest project allow me to do some networking, but it also gives me the chance to practice being eloquent and to work on my camera persona. The Ericzone Podcast also gives me this unique opportunity to quench my thirst for knowledge and to better understand our society. Last but not least, through this project, i hope to continue to create original content and to contribute to positive change in our world. Without a doubt, this new podcast would not have been possible, had i not worked on the Blackburn Podcast alongside Pierre Blackburn, Chantal Paquin, Dan Smith and all the other people whom I owe a great many thanks.

We live in amazing times. Thanks to the accessibility of technologies and the development of social media, it’s now possible to be heard and to inspire others to do the same. It is my opinion, in light of the current environmental situation, that it has become a duty for people everywhere to lend their voice to the marketplace of ideas. It is of utmost importance that we get involved, share our experiences and reach out to others.

Throughout my career, i’ve been privileged to encounter a lot of very interesting people. This podcast gives me a unique chance to share with you, this entourage of inspiring individuals. I thank each and every one of that have taken the time to participate, to watch and to share each episode. I should also thank those patiently waiting for more English episodes. I will have more content in 2018, I promise!

Visit the Ericzone Podcast page on For Google Play Music, thanks for listening. The show is also available on Itunes and Stitcher. I invite you to have a look at some photos of the show on Flickr. As always, visit my online portfolio at . Visit my professional Facebook page and click Like in order to keep in touch. You can also find me on Youtube. Have you sent me a contact request on LinkedIn? Ericzone is on Instagram.

Festival du Blues de Tremblant 2015 – Entrevue Victor Wainwright – Hat Fitz & Cara

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Y s’en passent des choses dans les Laurentides! Au début du mois de juillet 2015 avait lieu la 22e édition du Festival International du Blues de Tremblant! Pour ceux qui n’y étaient pas, soyez sans crainte: Guillaume Vincent, journaliste au Tremblant Express et ami de longue, a eu la chance incroyable de discuter avec certains de ces artistes et musiciens en tête d’affiche. Voyez plutôt ce court montage vidéo que j’ai réalisé, le temps d’une collaboration avec Guillaume Vincent.

Vous y verrez les entrevues exclusives avec Victor Wainwright et le duo Hat Fitz and Cara. Ces entrevues ont été enregistrées le 9 juillet 2015 sur le site du Festival International du Blues de Tremblant. Images: Guillaume Vincent, journaliste. Montage:

Merci à Guillaume Vincent pour cette collaboration très intéressante. Pour plus d’informations, visitez la page Facebook du Tremblant Express. Comme toujours, je vous invite à jeter un coup d’oeil à mon portfolio et à visiter ma page Facebook. N’oubliez pas d’y cliquer ‘like’.

Medieval Festival

IMG_0856On August 3rd, i had the great opportunity to accompany my good friend Guillaume Vincent, photo-journalist in a little town called St-Jovite,  as he covered events for his local newspaper. One of these events, images of which i’ve already stored on my external hard drive and safely in a warm region of my hippocampus, was an awesome medieval festival!

Camera in hand, we divided an conquered as we walked the uneven grounds of the private farm, painstakingly avoiding goat crap and swatting horse flies along the way. I also took great care not to accidentally get decapitated as i took photos of the brawling knights. (see the video in the article )

In any case, I had a great time observing the weapons and armor on display ( which i’ve often used in my own fantasy drawing and paintings ) Here’s the article written by Guillaume Vincent in the local newspaper. Make sure you take the time to view the video showing some of the battles that were filmed.

Le 3 Août, j’ai eu l’opportunité d’accompagner Guillaume Vincent, photo-journaliste dans une petite ville appelée St-Jovite, alors qu’il couvrait des événements pour le journal local. Un de ces événements, un festival médiéval impressionnant aura valu le déplacement.  Je me suis ”lâché lousse” à prendre ces photos déjà stockées à la fois sur mon disque dur externe et dans cette région du cerveau là  nous gardons nos bons souvenirs.
Caméra en main, nous avons conquis le territoire! Toutefois, ça n’a pas été chose facile de manoeuvrer sur ce terrain accidenté de la ferme privée, en évitant soigneusement la merde de chèvre et chassant les mouches à cheval.  J’ai également bien fait attention de ne pas accidentellement me faire décapiter pendant que je prenais des photos.

En tous les cas, j’ai particulièrement apprécié le travail sur les armes et armures, puisque j’ai souvent utilisé celles-ci dans mes  dessins de fantaisie et peintures. Voici donc l’article écrit par Guillaume Vincent dans le journal local. Assurez-vous que vous prenez le temps de visionner la vidéo montrant quelques-unes des batailles qui ont été filmés.