Ericzone Podcast: Creation of discussions

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eric mailhot ericpodcast-avatarIn April of 2017, i began a new chapter in my audiovisual story. Following my move to Quebec City in March of 2016, it became clear to me that it would be much too complicated to keep up the work on the Blackburn Podcast in Montreal. Once this realization had sunk in, I decided nevertheless to push things forward and to further invest time and resources in the creation of original web content. And so, with patience and the encouraging words from people around me (whom I thank wholeheartedly), I succeeded in putting together a second web show project. Similar to the francophone Blackburn Podcast with its journalistic appeal, i felt it would be logical that i would simply call this new bilingual show the ”Ericzone Podcast.

Far from me wanting to reinvent myself as a web show host, my true purpose in this case (aside from taming the technical aspect of things) is to be more efficient as a producer. Not only does this latest project allow me to do some networking, but it also gives me the chance to practice being eloquent and to work on my camera persona. The Ericzone Podcast also gives me this unique opportunity to quench my thirst for knowledge and to better understand our society. Last but not least, through this project, i hope to continue to create original content and to contribute to positive change in our world. Without a doubt, this new podcast would not have been possible, had i not worked on the Blackburn Podcast alongside Pierre Blackburn, Chantal Paquin, Dan Smith and all the other people whom I owe a great many thanks.

We live in amazing times. Thanks to the accessibility of technologies and the development of social media, it’s now possible to be heard and to inspire others to do the same. It is my opinion, in light of the current environmental situation, that it has become a duty for people everywhere to lend their voice to the marketplace of ideas. It is of utmost importance that we get involved, share our experiences and reach out to others.

Throughout my career, i’ve been privileged to encounter a lot of very interesting people. This podcast gives me a unique chance to share with you, this entourage of inspiring individuals. I thank each and every one of that have taken the time to participate, to watch and to share each episode. I should also thank those patiently waiting for more English episodes. I will have more content in 2018, I promise!

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Blackburn Podcast – Enregistrement des premières entrevues

Après avoir passé l’été à discuter et à nous préparer, nous en sommes enfin à notre première journée de tournage pour le Blackburn Podcast.

Voilà maintenant presque 2 ans que j’ai cette idée de ‘Blackburn Podcast‘ qui me trotte dans la tête. Depuis mes tous premiers entretiens avec le producteur vétéran Pierre Blackburn, il me vient souvent à l’esprit cette drôle d’idée de voir Pierre converti en animateur. ( Je ne suis pas le premier à y avoir pensé puisque Pierre m’avoue avoir souvent été conseillé de se lancer en radio. ) Avec sa grosse voix, son franc-parler et un charme accueillant, Pierre ne pouvait empêcher ce jour où il se retrouverait devant un micro. Vous n’avez qu’à passer quelques instants à discuter avec lui et vous serez en accord avec moi.

En tous le cas, il nous aura fallu beaucoup de patience avant d’en arriver à ce tournage du 14 septembre 2014 dans le grand studio à l’école Musitechnic à Montréal. Et comme pour toutes productions, certains ajustements de dernière minute ont été nécessaires. À ne pas oublier à la liste: achat de muffins, location de caméras et le transport de machine à café espresso.

Somme toute, la première session d’entrevues pour le Blackburn Podcast a été une autre belle expérience en production et de réalisation. J’ai très hâte de m’attaquer au montage de  l’émission et de créer le visuel qui viendra habiller les images. J’espère également avoir le temps de composer la musique pour l’introduction.

Merci à Chantal Paquin coproductrice, Lily Bennett Scharf photographe, Dan Smith au son et à nos premiers invités, Patrick Verret, Nathaniel de l’Étoile et Claudine Limoges. Merci très certainement à Pierre Blackburn et à Musitechnic qui nous ont permis d’emprunter leurs locaux pour l’enregistrement. Suivez le Blackburn Podcast sur twitter ainsi que sur facebook.
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After spending most of this past summer preparing for this day, we are finally on our first day of recording for the Blackburn Podcast.

I would have to say that this ‘podcast idea’ has been on my mind for almost two years now. Since my first exchanges with veteran Montreal Producer Pierre Blackburn, i was taken by this idea that Pierre should undoubtedly take to a microphone and host his own radio show. ( Turns out that my idea was not all that original, since Pierre has admitted that he has fancied this idea for a long time ) With his ‘big’ voice, his honest talk and welcoming charm, you will have to agree with me that Pierre is as radio friendly as they get.

September 14th 2014 was a long time coming but it has finally decided to show itself at Musitechnic audio techniques school in Montreal. And as in all productions, some last minute adjustments were necessary. Very important to add on the list of things not to forget: Muffins from Tim Hortons, HD video cameras and the espresso coffee machine.

All in all, the first recording session for the Blackburn Podcast was a success and yet another wonderful experience for me in the field of audio-visual production. I am very much looking forward to post-production and the video editing of all the great footage we caught. I will also have some fun designing the visual for the introduction and processing the visual assets. I hope i have the time to compose the music for the show as well.

Thank you to Chantal Paquin as co-producer, photographer Lily Bennett Scharf, Dan Smith audio tech guy. Thank you to our guests Patrick Verret, Nathaniel de l’Étoile and Claudine Limoges. Much thanks to Pierre Blackburn and to Musitechnic who allowed us to make good use of their studio. As always, visit my online portfolio at and visit my professional Facebook page and click like in order to keep in touch.