Filming at the grand studio de l’Université Laval à Québec with Ericzone

eric-avatar-23-aout-2019I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I hardly saw the summer of 2019 go by. When the warm weather arrived, I promised myself that I would finish some of my recent paintings to accompany the blue house and the portrait of my grandfather. Against all odds, I found myself spending my free time cycling and soaking in the sun, which was ultimately a good decision. Anyway, it would have been too hot to work on my Ericzone Podcast or to draw and play guitar. It was only around mid-August that I let myself be tempted by an audiovisual project that I would like to present to you through this blog. Indeed, it was towards the end of this beautiful summer of 2019 that I had the great privilege of working as a cameraman and video editor with musicians who graduated in classical music. My mandate: to produce a video to accompany the recording session at the grand studio of Université Laval in Quebec City.

Ah! Toi, belle hirondelle

To put things in context, the project was created by pianist Hélène Desjardins, who also took care of the musical arrangements. Also included in the project are Christine Lavallière on violin, Pascale Rivard on viola violin, Marie-Loup Cottinet on cello and vocalist Marie-Catherine Bouchard.

The project took place during two happenings, during which I was immensely spoiled by beautiful music. The first shooting took place during a humid evening in August in a small warm room in Quebec City. This first meeting served as a rehearsal and allowed everyone to prepare for the upcoming studio session. I could write several paragraphs in this article to share with you all the great memories I have of the evening’s work. However, I will confine myself to briefly describing this moment in the evening, when Helen’s young son began to applaud the music. I’m not sure if he applauded because he wanted to participate or if he wanted to express his appreciation (maybe both). In any case, this beautiful moment captured the pleasant energy that was present throughout the entire project.

A few days later, we went to Université Laval for the second day of shooting and audio recording. Serges Samson, technician in charge of the studio at the Faculté de musique, joined us for this session. I had the opportunity to talk for a few moments with Mr. Samson and he mentioned that the studio of the Faculté de musique is in fact a research laboratory. Moreover, to be precise, this magnificent studio is called the LARC (Laboratoire Audio-numérique en Recherche et Création). In operation since 2013, the studio is the result of a CFI (Canadian Innovation Fund) from which Professor Serge Lacasse benefited in 2009. All in all, the shooting at Université Laval went very well and I am very satisfied with the footage I was able to capture with my cameras (see for yourself in the video).

Recidivist Videographer

The post-production work was done at the Ericzone Studio, currently located in Quebec City – feel free to contact me if you want to talk about your projects. I spent many a pleasant September evening making this video montage, which I believe does justice to the work of these talented young musicians.

I really enjoyed working on this project. Not only did it give me a unique perspective on culture in Quebec City, but it also afforded me a little variety in the type of audiovisual production I usually produce. As you may have read in my previous articles, my marketing work is usually limited to corporate audiovisual projects, interviews and graphic design in Photoshop. On the other hand, if things go as planned, I will soon be involved in future music videos. In the meantime, I invite you to read the article about the production of a video clip for which I worked as a writer and video editor: Live my way by the band Angle of attack, produced with Blackburn Production in 2014.


Thank you very much Hélène Desjardins and her musician-colleagues. This project was an enriching experience that will remain with me always. If you wish to contact Hélène Desjardins, her email address is displayed at the end of the video. For more information about Université Laval in Quebec City, and its Faculté de musique, you can visit their website.

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Ericzone Podcast: Creation of discussions

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eric mailhot ericpodcast-avatarIn April of 2017, i began a new chapter in my audiovisual story. Following my move to Quebec City in March of 2016, it became clear to me that it would be much too complicated to keep up the work on the Blackburn Podcast in Montreal. Once this realization had sunk in, I decided nevertheless to push things forward and to further invest time and resources in the creation of original web content. And so, with patience and the encouraging words from people around me (whom I thank wholeheartedly), I succeeded in putting together a second web show project. Similar to the francophone Blackburn Podcast with its journalistic appeal, i felt it would be logical that i would simply call this new bilingual show the ”Ericzone Podcast.

Far from me wanting to reinvent myself as a web show host, my true purpose in this case (aside from taming the technical aspect of things) is to be more efficient as a producer. Not only does this latest project allow me to do some networking, but it also gives me the chance to practice being eloquent and to work on my camera persona. The Ericzone Podcast also gives me this unique opportunity to quench my thirst for knowledge and to better understand our society. Last but not least, through this project, i hope to continue to create original content and to contribute to positive change in our world. Without a doubt, this new podcast would not have been possible, had i not worked on the Blackburn Podcast alongside Pierre Blackburn, Chantal Paquin, Dan Smith and all the other people whom I owe a great many thanks.

We live in amazing times. Thanks to the accessibility of technologies and the development of social media, it’s now possible to be heard and to inspire others to do the same. It is my opinion, in light of the current environmental situation, that it has become a duty for people everywhere to lend their voice to the marketplace of ideas. It is of utmost importance that we get involved, share our experiences and reach out to others.

Throughout my career, i’ve been privileged to encounter a lot of very interesting people. This podcast gives me a unique chance to share with you, this entourage of inspiring individuals. I thank each and every one of that have taken the time to participate, to watch and to share each episode. I should also thank those patiently waiting for more English episodes. I will have more content in 2018, I promise!

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Festival Du Blues De Tremblant 2015 – Victor Wainwright – Hat Fitz & Cara Interview

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Many great things happening in the Laurentides in the province of Quebec in Canada! In the early days of July 2015 was held the 22nd edition of the Festival International du Blues de Tremblant! For those of you who were not fortunate enough to be present, fear not! Guillaume Vincent, a journalist at the Tremblant Express and longtime friend, had the amazing opportunity to meet and discuss with a few of the great artists present at the festival. Have a look at this short video that i edited with the footage shot by Guillaume Vincent.

The video includes exclusive interviews with Victor Wainwright and the duo, Hat Fitz and Cara. These interviews were filmed on July 9th, 2015 at the Festival International du Blues de Tremblant. Images: Guillaume Vincent, journalist. Montage:

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Festival du Blues de Tremblant 2015 – Entrevue Victor Wainwright – Hat Fitz & Cara

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Y s’en passent des choses dans les Laurentides! Au début du mois de juillet 2015 avait lieu la 22e édition du Festival International du Blues de Tremblant! Pour ceux qui n’y étaient pas, soyez sans crainte: Guillaume Vincent, journaliste au Tremblant Express et ami de longue, a eu la chance incroyable de discuter avec certains de ces artistes et musiciens en tête d’affiche. Voyez plutôt ce court montage vidéo que j’ai réalisé, le temps d’une collaboration avec Guillaume Vincent.

Vous y verrez les entrevues exclusives avec Victor Wainwright et le duo Hat Fitz and Cara. Ces entrevues ont été enregistrées le 9 juillet 2015 sur le site du Festival International du Blues de Tremblant. Images: Guillaume Vincent, journaliste. Montage:

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Preproduction at Studio Open House – June 5th 2015

eric-profile-5-juin-2015-studio-open-house-ericzoneJune 5th 2015 was a great day for filming and recording at Studio open house. Located nearby the river, the studio has a very ‘homey’ feel to it, for a reason i can’t seem to put my finger on. In any case, this quaint mood sets the professional tone for any and all recording situations. And so, I arrived bright and early with a smile in my face, very inspired by the day at the Studio. As always, it is a pleasure to work alongside Dan Smith. In the past we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on the Blackburn Podcast, a web show i created and produce with the help of Chantal Paquin. At this point i should probably mention that two episodes of the Blackburn Podcast were, in fact, recorded at Studio Open House before it had even been baptized.

This time around, Studio Open House gave a warm welcome to Steeve Bilodeau, Montreal guitarist and guitar teacher, for a bit of preproduction work. Without revealing too much information, let’s just say that Steeve has a few great songs he would like to film and record. He couldn’t have chosen a better group of people to have his back on this project.

The session ran quite smoothly and absolutely without any hiccups. I even have pics on my HTC ONE and stills from the film camera for your viewing pleasure! I especially like the great iPhone photo taken from the other side of the studio window by Studio Open House owner, Caroline Mailhot.

Feel free to go and have a look at more photos of preproduction with Steeve Bilodeau on my Flicker page. Thank you to Caroline Mailhot and Dan Smith. Special thanks to Steeve Bilodeau for playing that Pink Floyd song which is still stuck in my head. For more information on Studio Open House, visit their Facebook page or their official website. As always, visit my online portfolio at and visit my professional Facebook page and click like in order to keep in touch.

steeve bilodeau - photo eric mailhot

Steeve Bilodeau rehearsing at Studio Open House – Photo by Eric Mailhot

Montreal band Angle of Attack ‘Live my way’ music video – Blackburn Productions &

From time to time in the life of a marketing artist, comes those great unexpected projects. These professional collaborations break from the often repetitive work load and allow for one to evolve onto the next level. My association with Pierre Blackburn (blackburn productions) on the Angle of Attack music video ‘Live my Way’, is the perfect example of such an uplifting project. Produced in late March and early April, the music video has finally been published on youtube by the band. I invite you to have a look and to read up on past posts about the project if you want to learn more about the creative process. As always, i invite you to visit and to ‘like’ me on my official Facebook page.


Il arrive de temps en temps dans la vie d’un artiste marketing, ces inspirants projets inattendus. Ces collaborations professionnelles permettant de briser de la routine et donnent cette opportunité unique de passer au prochain niveau. Mon association avec Pierre Blackburn (Blackburn Productions) sur le vidéo-clip ‘Live my Way’ du groupe Montréalais Angle of Attack est un parfait exemple de ce genre de projet. Réalisé à la fin mars et le début du mois d’avril 2014, le clip est enfin disponible sur youtube et je vous invite donc à y jeter un coup d’oeil ainsi que de lire les anciennes publications liées à ce projet. Visitez et ma page facebook officielle.

Video shoot @ Belgo Building – Angle of Attack – Blackburn Productions

The best time to participate in the filming of a rock music video is on a cold sunday morning in March. St-Catherine street looks as spry as ever in the dead of winter, but the Belgo Building looks great from inside. With its old cracking wood floors and big windows, it is a surprisingly photogenic. I have to hand it to Pierre Blackburn for having the great idea to film Angle of Attack at this location. We had a great group of motivated people there through the whole shoot. Laurent Pasquiet in charge of filming and photographer Franck Lansiaux from on location all day. I especially have to hand it to the band who managed to display great intensity throughout the day. I felt a bit fatigued at around 2PM, so i can’t imagine how Angle of Attack could’ve mustered the strength to dish out the rock awesomeness for a full day… especially after doing a show the friday before. Next week is post-production week. Video editing at Blackburn studios. Hope we are blessed with even more sunlight. Have a look at the flick photo album for more on the shoot. As always, i invite you to visit and to ‘like’ me on my official Facebook page.


Le meilleur moment pour participer au tournage d’une vidéo de musique rock est un dimanche matin froid du mois de mars. La rue St-Catherine est toujours aussi plaisante à contempler en plein hiver. Heureusement que l’édifice Belgo est vraiment splendide vu de l’intérieur. Avec ses grandes fenêtres et ses longs planchers de bois qui craquent, cet édifice est très photogénique. Chapeau à Pierre Blackburn d’avoir eu l’audace de filmer Angle of Attack à cet endroit. Quel plaisir de collaborer avec l’équipe sur place au cours du tournage. Laurent Pasquiet en charge de filmer et le photographe Franck Lansiaux de qui a passé la journée à prendre des photos du tournage. Chapeau également au groupe de musique Angle of Attack qui sont parvenus à  garder une intensité tout au long de la journée. Personnellement, je me sentais déjà fatigué vers 14 heures, alors je ne peux pas imaginer comment AOA ont su rassembler la force pour donner une excellente prestation tout une journée complète … surtout après s’être donné en spectacle le vendredi précédent! La semaine prochaine, je prends la direction des studios Blackburn afin de travailler sur la post-production. J’espère que nous mère nature nous offrira tout autant de soleil. Je vous invite à jeter un coup d’oeil à l’album de photos de la journée sur ma page Flickr. Visitez et ma page facebook officielle.

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