audio software

imageline_sawerThis evening, i’ve looked into a promo disc of studio software demos for the FL studio by Image-Line. It took me  about an hour or so, installing, watching videos on youtube and trying stuff out on my PC.

Other than the fact that the video tutorials on youtube are poorly recorded ( which can’t help one to stop and wonder ) i must say that the products that i had time to look into ‘feel’ quite authentic as any other audio software i’ve worked with in the past.

I am looking forward to incorporate the software into my next projects, if i get the chance. Feel free to go and have a closer look at their products on their official website

Grover Jam video

Seeing old friends and making new ones … Montreal band ‘Grover’ rents the ‘big room’ at Cité Musique (365, rue Beaubien O, Montréal,) for a 3 hours of therapeutic music improvisation. Saturday, january 12th 2013 is a night to be remembered. Broken guitar in hand, chipped drum sticks and feedback galore, the 6 musicians dished out grooves and tunes to the hearts content. Sadly, every evening has its end. Thank you very much, we’ll be here ‘til twelve.

Feel free to visit the Ericzone Tumblr site if you would like to see the group photos of the evening.