End to transphobia: discussion between Elijah Renard and Patrick Verret

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IMAG6423_small Tuesday, January 20th 2015 at café-bar L’Escalier in Montréal, my cameras and I were witness to a very important discussion between Elijah Renard and Patrick Verret, two very involved individuals in our changing society. The atmosphere at the café, although a bit noisy for my digital recorder, was the perfect backdrop for a dialog between these two passionate and heartfelt individuals.

Elijah Renard, trans guy, is currently involved in the defense of rights and liberties of trans individuals through activities linked to his crowdfunding campaign called ‘’Freekitties’’. Added to the recent article on the National Post, Elijah’s story is making waves in the social medias thanks to articles found by Xojane, and through the series of  videos reports i produced and Elijah called ‘Entretien avec un trans’.

Patrick Verret, man since the age of 39, contributes to the hopes of generations of young people living with gender dysphoria through his conferences and the publication of his book. His activities have led him to be interviewed on Radio-Canada with Maude Montembeault. More recently, Patrick Verret and his better-half, Claudine Limoges, have given some insights on their relationship and on the creative process behind the  writing of their book ‘’ Changing sex to finally live ‘’  in an interview on the francophone web show ‘’Blackburn Podcast’’, which i produced alongside Chantal Paquin.

Elijah Renard & Patrick Verret @ L'escalier Montreal 2015 - Photo Eric Mailhot

Elijah Renard & Patrick Verret @ L’escalier Montreal 2015 – Photo Eric Mailhot

The discussion went amazingly well as the two men nearly spent two hours exchanging life experiences and communicating their hopes in light of the ever present intolerance which still plagues our society in 2015. Early in the evening, there was even the visit by Pierre Blackburn, host of the Blackburn Podcast. It was during the recording of an episode of the show, with guest Patrick Verret, where i truly came to understand the difficult realities of ”trans” individuals. So it was basically thanks to Patrick that I was inspired, months later, to invest time in Elijah’s crowd funding campaign called ”Freekitties”. Which brings us back to this very important meeting at café L’Escalier.

I feel fortunate to be surrounded by people who possess a good moral sense and values. The way I see it, compassion and an open mind are but a few of the human qualities everybody should learn to understand and promote. I would even go as to suggest that it has now become our duty as citizens to counter-balance the lack of education and awareness in our social institutions. I hope that this unexpected interview between two fascinating people will be allowed to contribute to the elevation of human intellect and the realization the treatment which is much too often given to those that fail to fall in line with the majority. I will keep you informed as soon as I am done editing the interview.

Thank you Chantal Paquin, co-producer of the Blackburn Podcast, to have contributed to the meeting between Elijah and Patrick. I invite you to go have a look at the photos on my Flickr page. Have a look at Patrick’s webpage and buy his book! If you wish to pledge your support to Elijah Renard’s Free Kitties campaign, please go visit his Indiegogo page today! Follow the Blackburn Podcast on twitter and on Facebook. As always, visit my online portfolio at and visit my professional Facebook page and click like in order to keep in touch.