Quebec City 2016 – Ericzone @ SiliCycle Marketing

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eric_quebc_iconIt is now official. I have become a truly nomadic marketing artist. As a graphic designer specializing in audiovisual production, i’ve spent most of the past decade on the island of Montreal, working for great places such as Ubisoft and Wapikoni Mobile. I’ve been privileged to work with many inspiring people, editing video for cool clients such as Pierre Blackburn and designing the logo for e-cigarette boutique La Vapoterie. In 2013, after obtaining my audio techniques diploma at Musitechnic, i was infused with a sense of purpose. This paved the way to the ‘‘Blackburn Podcast”, a francophone web show i produced with Chantal Paquin in 2014. Now, a bit further down the road, here i am in Quebec city for this latest episode of my thrilling multimedia adventure.

Winter is coming

To make a long story short, i arrived in Quebec city in early March of 2016 and was greeted by 10 foot high snow banks that towered over the cold streets of Ancienne-Lorette. I hadn’t seen that much snow in a long time. Offered accommodation by a colleague at work for the first few days, i tried AirBnb the next week, living with an architecture student and her awesome cat. The third week, i was lucky to find a cosy room in the basement of a house in a suburban area.

Every move got me closer to work, albeit too close to the polluted highway. I felt exhilarated by the new professional challenge but, at the same time, i was disappointed at how difficult it was to access Quebec’s High Tech Park on foot. I dreaded the early morning walks in the cold on the somewhat dangerous path to work. Nevertheless, i thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the unknown. I was also quite lucky to be blessed by friendly colleagues who often gave me lifts. Thank you!


When i look back on the past few months, i realize just how much my move to Quebec city was worth the effort. The uncertainty of my somewhat precarious living situation was inevitably eclipsed by the excitement that i felt in my newly discovered work environment. Mostly doing freelance in recent years, i had almost forgotten the thrill of contributing to a working group. It really is a pleasant vibe to be a part of a large professional ecosystem. It is equally great to be surrounded by the friendly people at SiliCycle.

The work itself is exactly what i’m meant to do at this point in my life. My experience in graphic design, branding and video editing enable me to completely immerse myself in the many inspiring projects thrown at me. At this point, i feel that i should give credit to the person who initially found me and took the time to look at my accomplishments. Geneviève Gingras had the insight to see how i could contribute to her marketing department at SiliCycle. I am grateful she reached out to me and i am equally enthusiastic to have joined her team of awesome people.

The months ahead will no doubt be productive and professionally fulfilling. I look forward to keeping you up to date on the upcoming marketing projects. SiliCycle has its roots here in Quebec and i find myself happy to be on-board and to be a part of the latest chapter in its history.

Feel free to go and have a look on my Flickr page at the photos i’ve been taking since my arrival in Quebec city. For more information about SiliCycle, visit their Facebook page or their official website. As always, visit my online portfolio at and visit my professional Facebook page and click Like in order to keep in touch. You can also find me on Youtube.

Helping hand – Un coup de main – La vapoterie Montreal

Un nouveau commerce se specialisant dans la vente de cigarettes électroniques va ouvrir ses portes ce samedi 15 Mars 2014. La vapoterie, située au 136 Fleury Ouest à Montréal, vous invite donc à son lancement. Visitez la page Facebook et cliquez ‘like‘ ou bien visitez le site web @ En vue du lancement, j’ai accompagné le propriétaire Alain Blais pour l’aider avec les derniers préparatifs.



La Vapoterie, specialized in E-cigs and E-liquids, will be opening its doors this Saturday March 15th at 136 Fleury Ouest in Montreal. Visit the official Facebook page and click ‘like‘ or visit the official website @ Preparations are coming on nicely. I’m seen here accompanied with its owner Alain Blais as we make our way to the store with a hefty payload in the the back of the car