Chafed by the Brambles

Chafed by the Brambles – Primus & Les Claypool encomium by High John

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Late December 2020, I was alone with my guitar during the pandemic, when I suddenly started jamming this riff. Initially, it was just this music that I wanted to share with some musician friends out there, to help with sanity during this never-ending covid pandemic.
So, before uploading to YouTube, I needed a catchy title. After a few minutes, and for no particular reason, I thought of ‘Chafed by the Brambles’. So basically, the title came to me before even writing any of the lyrics. (Kind of like Elton John’s way of writing songs. Did you know? He would get the lyrics from Bernie Taupin to write the music. Saw that in a documentary years ago) In any case, a few days later, the words dawned on me when I thought about how awesome it would sound if Les Claypool added his vocals and wording. As for the recording and the mixing, there is obviously a big influence from the sound of the Brown Album by Primus. That being said, I’m in no way suggesting that I’m able to play bass like Les Claypool.

Chafed by the Brambles! Please be careful out there people! Those brambles hurt! If you or your friends have been a victim of those damn brambles, please share your experience. Please like and visit the YouTube page and give me ‘Thumbs up’! Thank you everybody out there for your support and feedback during this project!

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Ericzone Podcast: Épisode 29: David Gauthier (Fr)

David Gauthier est un historien Québécois spécialisé dans l’époque de Louis XIV. Possédant un BAC et une maîtrise à l’Université de Montréal, il rédige notamment un mémoire portant sur le sculpteur Louis-Philippe Hébert. David a écrit récemment un article dans le magazine «Château de Versailles» à propos du salon de famille du roi Louis-Philippe 1er au Grand Trianon. Il est au podcast pour nous partager sa passion de l’histoire, la culture et du patrimoine.

Ericzone Podcast: Episode 29 (Fr)
21 Août 2020 David Gauthier… 

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Ericzone Podcast: Episode 28: Marielle Rifi (En)

Marielle Rifi left Lebanon with her husband in hopes for a better life for their children. Now living in Canada, she studies and cares for her family, living far away from the difficulties of her country of origin. She is on the podcast with a message of compassion and hopes for peace and prosperity for all of the Lebanese people.

Ericzone Podcast: Episode 28 (En)
August 4th 2020 Marielle Rifi

Ericzone Podcast is available on and Itunes. The show is also available on YouTube and Stitcher.

Ericzone Podcast: Episode 27: Tarek Chatila (En)

Tarek Chatila left Beirut in the midst of the Lebanese Civil War. Now living in Montreal, he is a MENA specialist and a political pundit. Aside from his work with Amnesty International Canada, he has spoken at the World Social Forum about the conditions in Egyptian prisons and researched the Syrian civil war for the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies. He visits the podcast to discuss the situation in Lebanon and to give his views on various geo-political topics.

Ericzone Podcast: Episode 27 (En)
July 26th 2020 Tarek Chatila

Ericzone Podcast is available on and Itunes. The show is also available on YouTube and Stitcher.